Monthly Archives: January 2003

The Role of Digital Communication Within Activist Political Parties

As part of my Master of Communication (Public Communication) at UTS some years ago, I completed a short thesis based on original research. Having spent most of the degree looking at how digital technology was being adopted as a tool for public communication I chose to look at how it was being deployed within activist political parties. This was partly driven by my own political leanings and interest, and partly by the thinking that disruptive technologies like digital communication tools would be of particular interest to groups working against the status quo.

As a party I chose the Greens in 2003, when they were still seen as quite fringe (though enjoying initial mainstream success). I used a simple survey of members to understand how those within the party felt digital communication could best be used. One particularly interesting part of the results was the way that members within the party clustered around different perspectives on the role of digital.

To read the full paper, download The Role of Digital Communication Within Activist Political Parties.

Submitted as Masters Thesis, UTS 2003.