Monthly Archives: January 2006

Dr. Breakspear and his EEG

Today I met with Dr. Michael Breakspear and his team. They are doing some interesting research at the Black Dog Institute using an EEG, which may be a viable tool for my questions about extension of the body-image into digital avatars (though I think I will have to trim down the scope of what I am looking at a little!) Michael suggested that the best way to get a grasp of the procedure was to help them out as guinea pig on one of their current studies, so I submitted myself to prodding, poking, and the worst hair day imaginable.

Going forward, I need to source some form of real-world interface (I am thinking a parallel port I/O interface) and a way of managing that interface from something simple like Flash (I think there are Xtras that do this for Director perhaps). Perhaps in the no-too-diatant future, I too can subject people to this shower cap humiliation!

Eagle, we have ‘blog’

Well, I have finally succumbed. I have officially arrived in the blogosphere, to the distress of Webcentral, my lovely hosting service for the past few years. It all seemed a bit redundant, maintaining such a complex and unwieldy site when I could slim down a little and just blog to my hearts content.

Will it work? Who knows… and quite frankly, who cares. Hey, if you care, let me know. Apparently my email address should appear somewhere on this page. At least, that is what the sales guy said!