Monthly Archives: May 2006

Fluid Lives – Mobile technology research

Isobar (the global network of which OneDigital is but a humble part) has released some global research into the adoption of emerging mobile technologies. A nice combination of ethnographic and survey methodologies have produced a report that provides some much needed empirical support for a lot of people’s suppositions about wireless laptops, 3G phones etc. One interesting finding was that the technology participants were least impressed with was the 3G handset – user pleasing 3G seems at least five years of it seems…
Download the highlights or full report at

OneDigital Wins Silver Pencil in adidas_1 Launch

While I had nothing to do with the project itself, as an employee I am enjoying basking in the warm glow of our little pencil (and a very chic statuette it is too).

‘For the launch of the adidas_1, the world’s first intelligent shoe, One Digital took over Adidas’s flagship store in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building and turned this historical landmark into a fully interactive and immersive digital environment.
Giant Video screens, interactive soccer floors, multiple touch screens, motion tracking software and other ‘living’ media transformed both the interior and exterior of the store generating massive PR and foot traffic for the launch of the shoe.’

Back to the circuit board

After some fits and starts, progress on my thesis seems to be truccking along again. At present, most of the work is delving deeper and deeper into neurophysiology in preparation for my scientific experiment. As part of this, I am building some testing apparatus to monitor galvanic skin response, as well as to manage a link between the subject and a digital prosthetic hand – hence the delightfully techy kit you see here. At the centre of it all is a DATAQ DI-148U, a snazzy little box for capturing and controlling external signals… no geekboy should be without one!