Monthly Archives: November 2006

The times, they are a’changin

Well, a number of pieces of news to report – on personal, professional and academic fronts…

– As of December, Digital Strategist Pty. Ltd. will cease trading. After three and a half years, I aill be hanging up my Director hat (though I will retain the trading name – and this groovy web address). The company has done very little business since I have been at OneDigital, so it seemed the sensible thing to do.

– At the same time, I will be discontinuing my PhD candidature at UNSW. This took a lot of thinking, but I eventually decided that I could not do it justice while working a serious full time job. I am still very much interested in the area, and hope to pick it back up, but that would be in a few years at least, so for now… Dr. Elvis has left the building.

– In somewhat related news, I will be transitioning from Director of Strategy to Creative Director at OneDigital. This is a very exciting move, as you can probably tell from my willingness to shelve both the business and the study to pursue it. I think the agency has incredible potential, and coming on as Creative Director will hopefully give me a chance to help the team turn that potential into reality.

So, the circle of time, yadda yadda… from one thing and on to the next. The year ahead will no doubt prove to be challenging, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Brett Rolfe
Creative Director, OneDigital