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On the Production of Creative Subjectivity

“Businesses today are requiring higher levels of creativity and innovation in the face of rapid change, fierce competition and increasingly complex markets. Nowhere is the more obvious than in digital media, where new approaches are being sought to creative concept development.

Grounded in psychology, academic research into creativity has focused almost exclusively on the individual, acknowledging social and cultural environment as passive factors. This paper proposes an approach that radically de-centers the individual, suggesting that creativity emerges from within a complex engagement of individuals, processes, resources, structures and limitations. The model proposed draws on the notions of ‘distributed cognition’ and ‘machinic subjectivity’ to provide a framework that encompasses the creative potential of the individual, but situates it within other equally critical environmental elements.

Given this understanding of the creative endeavour, the term ‘manager’ becomes too limited and prescriptive, and might best be replaced with a more suitable term such as ‘facilitator’ or ‘catalyst’. There is a clear consensus on the value of ‘creative generalists’ who are able to bridge discourses and act as catalysts for creative connection. Such generalists as these appear to be ideally placed to facilitate the creative assemblages that are taking shape inside digital media agencies. ” [read the full paper]


Rolfe, B. (2007) ‘On the Production of Creative Subjectivity’. In K. K. W. Wong, L. Fung & P. Cole (Eds.) DIMEA ’07 Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Digital interactive media in entertainment and arts (pp. 50-57). NY, USA: ACM New York.

Media Planners that Suck

Ok, two problems with this. The first is a disappointingly common creative complaint – if I haven’t seen the TVC (which I happen to have seen, and involves a guy on a ledge) it won’t make any sense.
Second problem – duh! And this is the second time I have seen this poster. The first? In an underground railway station. Nice one…

In the air

This photo was taken while at 30,000 feet to test the new system Qantas are trialling that allows (very slow) wireless access while in the air. Sadly I had to send it when I got home because the system proved too complicated for Nokia, Vodafone, Qantas and I to get happening… and one thing, Mr. Qantas, if you seriously try to charge me international roaming rates to send data, don’t hold your breath!

Cherry Ripe

Not sure where they are going here. I (heart) NY? I wasn’t aware that there was a NY connection with Cherry Ripe? I love my MTV? Any excuse for a product shot? Ummm… where’s the supposed romance, indulgence, etc. etc.?!

Interactive (non)digital

I love this promo for the upcoming Penguin surfing flick. It’s amongst the other ads for soon-to-be released films that you have to walk past on your way to or from your cinema – but this one lets you get in on the action. What you can’t see is that behind the lovely Emely is a large expanse of empty poster with something along the lines of ‘stand here’ written in it. You should remember too that the target audience for the film will be (slightly) shorter than Em, though it still works nicely with a grown up. A really nice concept, the only flaw being that whoever placed it didn’t think that phone cameras tend to need better light – this looked pretty poor either with or without a flash. Pity – otherwise I’m sure Em would be eager to send it to all her schoolfriends!