Monthly Archives: December 2007


Onwards and upwards…

So, what’s next? Well, can’t quite let the cat out of the bag… but soon. Suffice to say, I’m very excited about it. Working with some great folk, and I think we will have a real chance to shake things up – and that’s always fun.

The time has come…

Well, last Friday saw my final day as a full time employee of OneDigital. Mixed feelings, and probably a lot less traumatic than it could have been given that I will continue to consult on some work that will carry on through January… and hey, in this industry you never really leave, its a little more like musical chairs. Regardless, it’s been a wonderful few years there.


And now a word from our sponsors…

Just wanted to take a moment to shamelessly plug the Nokia N95. Apart from all the rest (and the face that the latest firmware sorts out the crappy GPS performance), 5 megapixels is not too shabby at all. Ansel Adams it ain’t, but for happy snaps you coudl do a lot worse. While I am at it, the Sydney Aquarium as also worth a look – amongst other things it is home to these stunning luminescent jellyfish.


It’s not just media planners

Here’s an odd one from a public toilet somewhere between Sydney and Bellingen (can’t recall exactly where). Any thoughts on the meaning of the symbol below the sharps disposal shoot? Because I’d be thinking twice before moving into the syringe recycling business…


In case you are curious about the cats…

So I put a Flickr badge on this blog page because I thought that woud be cool. And since then I have realised that it is (for the most part) full of cats. By way of explanation… we have two cats, KitKat (pictured here) and Ben. Emely likes taking pictures of the cats. Often with my phone (nod to the Nokia N95) and uploading them. So now you know.

But I do like this one.

Choice Overkill goes to Adland

After people have been bemoaning overwhelming choice in modern society for years, we seem innundated with ‘choice ads’ over the past few years. HSBC, Dove, Orange, BBC World, the list does go on. And now bloody dodgy outdoor for Sultana Bran. Tasty? Yes, compelling and unique, oh my. And lets use witty juxtaposition to… damnit, I can’t even be bothered to critique this unoriginal drivel.

PS. Not all choice ads are crap. Some of the brands I mentioned above I remember because they did real, engaging choice ads (big tip of the hat to the BBC World interactive billboards). But real and engaging this aint.