Monthly Archives: November 2010

Like you needed another reason not to move to Texas…

The other night I was enjoying a little Jon Stewart on iView. As The Daily Show constitutes pretty much the only news I ever watch it's nice that I can see it on iView now as it is notoriously hard to BitTorrent… or so I've heard.

Anyway, Stewart was interviewing the (Republican) Governor of Texas Rick Perry – a man who incidentally looks like he's playing himself in a tele-movie. They were speaking about his new book 'Fed-Up' (I'm not linking to it to improve his search ranking, go look it up for yourself on Amazon).

What caught my attention was part of his rhetoric praising the wonderful state of Texas. Amongst its various other assets, he celebrated the fact that Texas has "an accountable public school system that [out]puts a skilled worker as a product."

Oh my.