Monthly Archives: January 2013

‘Do It. Post It.’ A calendar for artists in need of a little inspiration.

Last year, my mother (who is and has always been an artist, primarily a painter) was enrolled in a TAFE course that had her doing everything from painting and drawing to ceramics and printing. While the material was very basic, it gave her the nudge needed to get her out of the house (or garden) on a regular basis and into her studio to actually ‘do some art’.

In their infinite wisdom, the government decided to axe the course as it was apparently not one that would lead to viable workplace prospects. Leaving my mum (and other students) without a source of inspiration, support, challenge and structure that had become over the year an important part of their artistic process.

For Christmas I wanted to try and at least give a little of that back, provide some impetus over the coming year to get her back in the studio. The result was ‘Do It. Post It.’, a calendar where every month presents an artistic challenge – something to do over the course of the month and then post on Faceboo0k. I also created a Facebook community so that she could potentially share it with others and they could collectively upload and share their efforts.

She seemed to like it, so I thought I would put the calendar up here in case anyone else felt the need for a little inspiration. Download it, print it, do it, post it. Join the community. Share it with your friends. Make your own version. Whatever helps bring a little more art into the world.