Another good reason to move to the Northern Beaches

In a presentation by Sue Beveridge today on the Connected Classrooms Project, she espoused the enthusiasm which NSW public schools have for adopting innovation (like the interactive whiteboard and video conferencing), and mentioned that one NSW primary school was trialling the use of Microsoft Surface. When I asked her after the lecture which school it was, she explained that North Curl Curl primary apparently has a focus on integrating technology into their pedagogy (as opposed to being a bunch of gadget freaks).

Their principal Penny Verdich writes that…

Central to all teaching programs is a commitment to developing students with the skills and abilities to embrace the challenges of the 21st Century. Our reputation as a leader in the integration of interactive technology into teaching practice and our focus on environmental sustainability produces students who will create and take responsibility for their futures.

To date, 'technological leadership' in the classroom seems to have centered around interactive whiteboards and video conferencing. In addition to technology programs, the school also focuses on identifying and catering to 'gifted and talented children' including chess, music, public speaking and debating programs (K-6, remember).

Sounds like an interesting campus, worth a visit at some point. Would love to see what they are doing with their surface!

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