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So, after years of holding out, I finally succumbed to opening a Twitter account last week (you win, @KateRichardson). I’ve always felt that I was missing the point, and so eventually realised that the only way to change that was to give it a go. I’m giving it two weeks – if I still can’t see the point, at least I can say I tried.

The most interesting thing so far has been trying so hard not to sound like a noob. Twitter is such a public forum, and given that I flatter myself that some people credit me with a modicum of digital savvy, I find myself terribly paranoid of posting ‘those tweets’. You know, the ones where you post a tweet about not knowing what you should tweet about. The one were you post about the collision of personal and celebrity identities in the same channel. The tweet where you ask everyone what the best iPhone app for tweeting is (ok, I caved and posted that one – and thanks Aaron for your advice).

Out of interest, my two favourite ‘people I am following’ (damn, need to find out the Twitter-ese for that) are @darthvader and @Odd_World – which is odd, given that twitter is all about authentic real people.

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