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Internet Measurement Needs Benchmark

This article appeared in B&T Weekly (6 Sep 2002).
“The Australian Web Measurement Standards and Guidelines released in July this year are an important step towards normalising the Internet as a commercial medium. However the guidelines neglect to address the ways in which these measurement tools can be used to add value to marketing spend…” [read the full article]

The Death of Digital Advertising

This article appeared in Marketing & eBusiness (Feb 2002). It also appeared in New Zealand’s Espy magazine (Apr/May 2002) as ‘The End of Digital Advertising’.
“Digital advertising has suffered considerable negative press over the past eighteen months, much of it deservedly. How can companies maximise the value of this medium as the technologies, agencies, advertisers and audience reach new levels of maturity?” [read the full article]

How do You Make a Buck with Broadband

This article was co-written with telecommunications strategist Paul Budde and appeared in B&T Weekly (21 Sep 2001).
“Is widespread adoption of this technology really around the corner, or is it over-hyped vapour-ware? And how will the ability to access content at these speeds affect the way advertisers can utilise the digital medium?” [read the full article]