Digital’s Live Connection, Digital Media (Asia)

A while back I spoke to Sarah Yin, a journalist who was writing about the use of digital to create real-world connections for Digital Media (Asia). Interesting article, came out in March. Apparently this is what I said;

“Digital is a wonderful environment to foster word-of-mouth,” says Brett Rolfe, a director at Naked Communications in Sydney. “It can make it easier to find audiences that you wouldn’t find easily in the real world, and you can be more tailored in your digital communications.”

However, Rolfe warns that digital media can only act effectively in this sort of campaign when clients are clear about two things: who the audience is, and whatmessage they want to communicate.

“We feel that what you should be doing with any communications problem is identifying touchpoints where you want to relate to the consumer. This is entirely influenced by what your product is, who your consumers are and what objectives you have at that point,” says Rolfe.

Yeah, sounds like me. You can check out the full issue here.

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