Dr. Breakspear and his EEG

Today I met with Dr. Michael Breakspear and his team. They are doing some interesting research at the Black Dog Institute using an EEG, which may be a viable tool for my questions about extension of the body-image into digital avatars (though I think I will have to trim down the scope of what I am looking at a little!) Michael suggested that the best way to get a grasp of the procedure was to help them out as guinea pig on one of their current studies, so I submitted myself to prodding, poking, and the worst hair day imaginable.

Going forward, I need to source some form of real-world interface (I am thinking a parallel port I/O interface) and a way of managing that interface from something simple like Flash (I think there are Xtras that do this for Director perhaps). Perhaps in the no-too-diatant future, I too can subject people to this shower cap humiliation!

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