EDBT5501: Are you willing to share your digital resource?

In the tutorials this week we got to see the digital teaching resources our colleagues had created (well, those people that were in our class at least). From the conversation, it seemed that some people were keen to get copies of other people's projects to potentially use in the classroom. Unfortunately the approach to sharing seems to be 'ask the person whose thing you like to email it to you', which is a bit clunky, so I thought I might try this…

If you ware willing to share the digital resource that you created, email it to me (as a single file) with a title and a short description at brett@nakedcomms.com.au. 

If there is sufficient interest (let's say if I get more than ten emails) I will create a new blog at www.brettrolfe.com/share and upload ALL the resources I get sent. That way everyone can look through (including the resources from people in other classes) and download the ones they are interested in.

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