Farewell to the soccer ball

After several months at my current place of employment, I finally managed to get my act together enough to bring some MSN Messenger display pictures in from home. No longer need I masquerade as the sporty soccer ball, the intellectual chess pieces, or the overly friendly dog…

I do, however, still bemoan Microsoft’s reticence to allow me to create my own dynamic display picture. For those who have enjoyed the excitement of the Chicken Little characters, or even better the Moove cartoon cow, you realise just how great dynammic display pics could be – if only they were created by people with too much money and too little creativity. Now I understand that there are security challenges with allowing every man and his friendly dog to deliver Flash content into other people’s Messenger apps, but seriously guys, that is a pretty lame excuse. I say we revolt! Strike! Build barricades from the sturdy carcasses of Mac toasters.

Or maybe not…

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