‘Little Teacher’ Thought Experiment

(I am going to use the term Little Person in this post after spending some time on the interwebs attempting to find the most acceptable nomeclature).

Here's something to think about. Picture a primary classroom. Let's make it a 1st or 2nd class, so the kids are 5-7 years old. Feel free to choose either gender for their teacher – Mr. Arsenworth, Miss Babscotch, whatever works for you. Picture the class, the way it operated, the relations between students and teacher.

Now, imagine that Mr. Arsensworth is a Little Person. Roughly the same height as the students. Picture it, seriously. Imagine it, work it through.

How do you think the classroom behaviour and relations would change? Imagine all staff at the school were of similar stature. What physical differences would we see in school design? Classroom design? Behaviour – of teachers, of students?

Are any of those changes positive in terms of student outcomes? If so, are there ways we can achieve them without dramatically changing DET staffing policy?

Just a thought.

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