Notions of Subject, Technology and Self

 “[T]echnological machines of information and communication operate at the heart of human subjectivity, not only within its memory and intelligence, but within its sensibility, affects and unconscious fantasms.” (Guattari 1992: 4)

The self “plays a singularly important role in the ongoing cognitive economy of that living body, because, of all the things in the environment an active body must make mental models of, none is more crucial than the model the agent has of itself.” (Dennett 1991: 426-427)

The self is a multiple and heterogenous cognitive model at the core of individual subjectivity, facilitating interaction with a complex environment. Recent developments in technologies that mediate our experience may have fundamental yet unanticipated effects on the processes by which the self is produced.

As a multifaceted and dynamic construct, the self plays a key role in our phenomenological experience of being. It also contributes to our operational capabilities – social, mental, and physical. The implications of engaging with mediating technologies depend on both the nature of the technologies in question, and the mechanisms responsible for the production of the self.

This project aims to present a model of the self, and to explore the potential repercussions of these technological engagements.

Notions of Subject Technology and Self‘ was the draft of the second chapter of my PhD thesis.

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