One week down…

It has been an interesting week. Having survived a few lectures and tutorials, I think I have a much better grasp of what its all about (and where Sydney Uni hides its various lecture spaces and seminar closets).

What has impressed me the most has been the passion that my fellow students have for the course. Many of them have given up nice corporate jobs to make a significant life change in order to become a teacher; others have completed their undergrad in economics or analytical chemistry and decided immediately (or after a couple of years in the field) that they made a terrible mistake. I think you could count on one hand the people in my tutorials who are not sure why they are doing the course. So many of the stories that have led people to the course share common themes: ‘my parents are teachers and I rebelled but now I know its what I really want to do’, ‘I took a holiday in Mexico and spent two months teaching kids to speak English, and that’s when I realised’. For many it seems somewhere between following a calling and coming out.

My usual antisocial behaviour is being well supported by my ‘reduced load’ status meaning that I have to rush off after each class to get back to work… but I have a feeling that even I will end up getting to know some of these very interesting teachers-to-be.

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