The Digital Education Revolution

Over the next six years, the federal government will inject $2.2B into the Digital Education Revolution (DER)program.

  • provide senior high school students (year 9-12) with laptops
  • provide schools with broadband ($100M)
  • provide online education resources ($32.6M)
  • train teachers in utilising ICT
  • support parents through learning and access

Of these initiatives, the vast majority of the funds ($2.1B) will be spent on the National Secondary School Computer Fund (aka laptops for students). The aim is to achieve one laptop per child by 2012. The actual implementation of the program has been deferred to state governments.

The NSW DET has provided a resource for ‘head teachers’ to assist with the transitions relating to the DER.

Over the next four years, the NSW government will inject $158M into the Connected Classrooms Program (CCP).

On a side note, these sites (specifically the NSW DET resource were absolutely appalling. Both in terms of high and low level information design, this site is one of the worst I have seen in quite a while. The mix of video segments and basic hypertext documents is interesting, but feels clunky and confusing.

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