‘Shopping the book’ with Ralph Lauren

I noticed today that apparently Ralph Lauren have produced a children’s book (‘The RL Gang: A Magically Magnificent School Adventure’), available as a picture book and a ‘read’ online.

Of course, reading online is much better, because you can enjoy the lovely animation and Uma Thurman’s earnest narration. And more importantly, you can roll-over any of the characters at any point and ‘shop that character’s look’. Don’t you just love Hudson’s Striped Cotton Tee? Why not get one, available at the click of a mouse, in Clay Blue, Chocolate Brown or Weathered Red.

As Ralph Lauren put it, ‘the world’s first shoppable storybook adventure’. Another triumph for quality children’s literature!

[You can read more about it here]

4 thoughts on “‘Shopping the book’ with Ralph Lauren

  1. Ben Rolfe

    I think I just threw up a little … No, wait, if it hits the screen, that probably counts as a lot.

  2. Emily B

    Creepy stuff…
    Hi Brett, thought I should post a comment as I’ve been lurking here for several months now. I’ve started in the MTeach (Primary) at Sydney this year. My reading buddy and I are reading with a little girl in Kindy – we had great success this week with ‘The Wrong Book’ and ‘Mo’s Smelly Jumper.’
    Thanks for your posts – always thoughtful and thought provoking

  3. brett rolfe

    Hi Emily, and welcome to the joy’s of MTeach – are you enjoying the nice relaxed start to the course… they really ease you into it gradually 😉
    ‘Mo’s Smelly Jumper’? Don’t know that one, will have to check it out. I too got off to an excellent start with ‘The Wrong Book’ – it was interesting, while my buddy was very into anticipating what was coming next, the overarching story line eluded him I fear (which is understandable as the whole idea of it being Nicholas’ book, and his slight character flaws is much less interesting that the monsters, pirates et al.)


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