Virtuality and Scientific Method

In reading philosophers who discuss 'the virtual' (and don't mean the digital space, but a far stranger realm of conceptual potentiality), it is very tempting to think, 'well that's all very nice, but it's not real is it. by definition the virtual is something we can all waffle on about because it's, you know… virtual'.

DeLanda (primarily in the dense and wonderful 'Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy') talks about virtuality in a scientific and concrete sense that makes you wonder if perhaps the virtual may be amenable to more traditional approaches of scientific inquiry – hence this paper. It draws on scientific methodology and ideas of disciplinarity and politics to suggest how investigation into ideas of virtuality may yield practical and powerful insights into our reality. In many ways 'Virtuality and Scientific Method' suggests that incorporating progressive philosophies may be a interesting adjunct to current developments in the sciences.

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