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So, regular readers (yes, I jest) may notice some changes around the place. Over the past week I have been (somewhat tediously) moving my various personal blogs from TypePad into WordPress. This has been a long time coming as I have always been a TypePad fan. In the end, the need to create Exemplar content in WordPress just seemed to make it the obvious thing to do. At the same time, it seemed a good opportunity to integrate the various sparse blogs I have been maintaining into one reasonably healthy one.

Here then, in one easy-to-read volume (and categorised for your clicking pleasure) are…

  • brettrolfe.com (my personal stuff)
  • digitalstrategist.com (my professional stuff)
  • The Adventures of a Mild Mannered Ad Man in the Land of MTeach, Primary (a journal of my teaching degree)
  • various academic posts over the years, including papers I have written and chapters of the thesis-that-never-was
  • and the beginnings of ‘Evidence Based Dad’, a blog I really did think would have been wonderful, had I found the time

Thanks for reading. Stick around for more stuff to come!

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